Love Lilies?

A recognized symbol of purity, the lily is one of the most beautiful and historic flowers in the world. Valued by cultures past and present, there are close to 100 lily species in existence. Many inhabit temperate forest regions, swamps and fields, on various continents, and in some cases, are seriously endangered.

What species inspired de Florum?

What wild lilies grow where you are?

All species lilies and their hybrid versions belong to the Lilium genus. There are nine groups under which they are defined and maintained by the International Lily Register:

1. Asiatic hybrids
2. Martagon hybrids
3. Candidum/European hybrids
4. American hybrids
5. Longiflorum/Formosanum hybrids
6. Trumpet/Aurelian hybrids
7. Oriental hybrids
8. Interdivisional hybrids
9. Species lilies: original species, native, as found in the wild

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